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Clearpath Leadership Awareness Network (CLAN)
CLAN started in 2015 as a National Youth Corp movement and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in 2017, CAC/IT/NO 99885. No doubt Nigerians have suffered long enough in the hand of the people who pretend to be leaders but lack the relevant qualities to be one, having realize the debt of leadership in our society “CLAN” decides to take it as a responsibility in making sure our leadership is re-defined through proper re-orientation of our citizens and most especially the youth corp members across the country.

Clearpath Leadership Awareness Network is a non-profit organization working to promote citizen participation in Nigeria to foster good governance and effective leadership among her people. Our work rest on the philosophy that good governance can only prosper with vigilant and active citizens, demanding effective and efficient leadership across board.

CLAN makes use of different social media platform to increase citizen’s participation’ such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we organize seminars and workshops programs for our citizens in various local government across the country, we also run a radio and television programs at intervals. These activities are actually helping us to relay the necessary information and most importantly to bridge the communication gap between the government and the citizens.

  • Our Vision

    To re-define leadership, foster good electioneering; promote good governance and youth development.

  • Our Mission

    To re-orientate and empower the citizens through capacity-building and public policy advocacy in order to promote citizen participation in leadership and governance.