areas of focus

Areas of focus


Having realize the debt of leadership in our society “CLAN” decides to take it as a responsibility in making sure our leadership is re-defined through proper re-orientation of our citizens across the country through capacity-building and public policy advocacy.


A key important factor of accessing a quality democracy is the level of governance at the local, state and the federal level. CLAN is promoting active participation in governance through her citizens using social media tools, traditional media platform, capacity-building and public policy advocacy. It is also an avenue to checkmate public officials at various levels of government.


We are determined and focus on using our evidence-based research methodology and technological tools for election observation.

Youth Development

Our focus on youth is informed by our strong desire to empower, strategic positioning for leadership, utilize the energy and potentials of the largest block of the population for democracy development and social change.

  • Our Vision

    To re-define leadership, foster good electioneering; promote good governance and youth development.

  • Our Mission

    To re-orientate and empower the citizens through capacity-building and public policy advocacy in order to promote citizen participation in leadership and governance.