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Clearpath Leadership Awareness Network (CLAN) started in 2015 as a National Youth Corps movement aimed at promoting sustainable development in Nigeria through citizen’s participation to foster good governance, effective leadership and healthy environment. However, CLAN legally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2017.

The evidence of poor governance and bad leadership in Nigeria has led to the categorization of the country as one of the poorest and most dangerous nations in the world. Therefore, CLAN decides to take it as a responsibility in ensuring that leadership is re-defined through citizen’s re-orientation.

Over the years, inculcating leadership values into National Youth Service Corps members across the country has been one of our major focus as an organization.

The notion of governance as identified in our operations and activities does not only account for social, welfare, cooperate and economic governance, but also includes environmental governance. As organization that promotes sustainable development goals, we understand the contemporary mainstream notion of sustainable development which emphasizes the interface between environment, economic, and social sustainability.

We are passionate about enhancing the environmental condition in order to improve the citizens’ livelihood.

Our Mission

To re-orientate and empower citizens through capacity building in order to promote a sustainable and healthy environment.

Our Vision

To re-define Leadership in the environmental sector to foster a safe planet for all.

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